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Most people don’t realize that agents have basically complete control over how they market–or don’t market–their clients’ listings. It’s important to ask your agent what, exactly, you’ll be getting from them. Of course anyone who works with a reputable broker has the usual fluff–listing in Multiple Listing Service,, Broker “X” websites. Unfortunately most of the sites they list automatically populate from the MLS. You need a broader exposure on the web, where 80% of buyers begin their search.

I have a host of standard services that I provide to my listings, including

– Multiple photos in the MLS (Agents used to have to pay for these, but now up to 20 photos are FREE…yet, it’s embarrassing to the industry how few agents take the time to upload them.) Almost every buyer I work with says that if there are no photos, they skip the listing, assuming that the seller is hiding how bad the house must be.

– A home warranty that transfers to the buyer. Buyers are nervous, and want to know that the home’s systems won’t fail right after they move in.

– Postcards to the neighborhood and/or area renters announcing the listing.

– A professional photographer. The majority of agents have neither the equipment nor the training that a professional photographer has, and you need your home showcased in the best possible light.

– Professional printing of brochures. A xerox copy isn’t going to stand out amongst 20 other brochures the buyer picked up that day.

– Professional staging consultation. I don’t try to be a “jack of all trades.” I hire professionals to do a professional job.

– And my newest service, dedicated websites. Check out one of my sold listings at . These sites provide a showcase for your home beyond the 3 lines of text in the MLS.

If you’re thinking about listing your home, contact me for information about some of the OTHER services I provide to my listings, too!


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