How do you know if your listing agent is doing a good job?

I was out showing homes this weekend and I went to a community to see 3 townhouses on the same street. I reviewed the showing instructions. The first house had instructions to call a showing service, which I did, to receive the combination to the lockbox. (As an aside I HATE combo lockboxes…it’s such a disservice to the seller…there’s no record of who came by and when, and no way to tell how many people have the combination. But I digress.) The other two were labeled ‘show anytime, electronic lockbox’. I dutifully took my buyer—who, by the way, is pre-approved and ready to write an offer as soon as she sees something she likes—only to find that the two ‘electronic’ lockboxes were actually combination lockboxes. No combination listed in the MLS printout. I called both agents and got voicemail. We walked around the community for a few minutes, then left. Later that day I got a call from one of the agents with the combination. I never did hear from the second. And my client? She decided to buy somewhere else.

It’s really too bad that there isn’t a standard level of service provided to—and expected by—sellers. Here is a short list of questions to ask and ways to check up on your quality of service:

  1. Does your property have multiple pictures in the MLS? Have you looked at them? Too many times I see a picture taken with a point-and-shoot that is really a picture of the furniture rather than the room. You can’t get wide enough angles from a run-of-the-mill camera. Buyers DEMAND pictures. I work with a LOT of buyers, and they assume that something is wrong with the property if there are no pictures.
  2. Is there an electronic lockbox (this is for the seller’s safety)? Does it open properly (Ask your agent to check periodically…I tried to show one last week and the box wasn’t working so we weren’t able to get the keys.) Are there keys in it? (Yes, I’ve had this happen, too, when trying to show a property to a buyer.)
  3. Web Site – Does your property have its own website (e.g., These sites aren’t for search engine ranking, but rather for your marketing materials—the brochures, the open house ads, the signs. Buyers want as much information as possible. Buyers DO look at these sites (my listings get dozens of hits per day), and they show them to their friends for opinions, and I want buyers spending as much time as possible looking at information about my listings versus others.
  4. Open Houses – I’m a big fan of open houses. (See my open house post here.) Any agent who says “No one buys off an open house” is WRONG. I’ve had several of my buyer clients buy a house that they saw for the first time when it was held open, and I sold one of my listings to someone who saw it at an open house. Do you want to be denied that chance? Make sure the ad in the paper has your property’s web address (see #3) in it – buyers are more likely to make the time to see your home if they’ve seen it online and the pictures are good—see #1. See how all of these fit together to form a marketing strategy?
  5. Updates – Make sure you get a full market analysis from your listing agent at least every week. Market conditions change, and it’s important that you know what your competition—those other listings—is doing.

This is just a brief list of some of the most common mistakes (or, dare I say, lack of effort) that I see out there. Make sure you optimize your chances of selling by demanding the best from your agent.

To discuss what I do in addition to the above for my sellers, email me.

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2 thoughts on “How do you know if your listing agent is doing a good job?

  1. Great post. It’s so annoying when my buyers and I can’t get into a property. I’m using AccuShow now to setup showing appointments for buyer agents and I love it. I’ve actually had a couple of agents say they don’t like it because they were put on hold. Being put on hold while the appointment is being scheduled with the seller is better never getting a call back. Talk about doing a good job for the seller.

  2. I think that we need more of the same kind of articles dealing with the mistakes and nuisances that can happen during the procedure of selling or a buying a home. As a Toronto realtor I know from practice that how important is an objective but favourable picture to the buyers. What I`ve observed is that real estate agencies don`t put enough effort in updating their sites which may result in the clients disappointment later.

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