Attn Condo Owners: Burglary Ring

One of my clients in Clarendon sent me this, which came from his management company. Let’s be careful out there!

There is a professional burglary ring targeting condominiums in Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax.

This group has been described as “very brazen” and walk onto properties like they belong there. They wave to residents and staff, even stop and have conversations. Gated communities and access control do not stop them. They frequently knock on doors and ask for a fictitious person if the door is answered. If no one is home they break in.

The police need the residents’ help in catching this group. Someone needs to see them, witness them breaking in or call the police because a stranger knocks on their door looking for someone and gives a description.

If you experience anything matching the MO described please call 911 immediately and report the incident.

Please remember to always keep your doors locked.


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