Home Owners’ Hot Topics: Property Taxes, Income Taxes, and Refinancing

Property Taxes: Property tax bills are arriving in mailboxes. If you don’t like your assessment, read about the appeal process and deadlines here, and how to build a successful case here.

Income Taxes: At least being a homeowner takes the sting out of income taxes. Remember mortgage interest, property taxes, certain mortgage insurance premiums, and points are deductible. Limits apply so check with your tax preparer.

Refinancing: Rates have ticked up from last month’s historical lows, but it’s still a good time to explore refinancing. I even refinanced my own house last week! But it can be difficult to see if it’s worth it for you, as this article points out. Read more at my blog post “Should I Refinance?” here. And contact me if you need a recommendation on some excellent lenders and settlement companies!

Thinking of selling? This Spring could be a good opportunity – the market is not as bad as you think (see Regional News post). Contact me to discuss listing your home!


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