Selling a Home AFTER the Tax Credit Expiration

In this month’s video “This Month in Real Estate” from Keller Williams, a survey shows that first time home buyers accounted for 42% of February’s real estate sales, and investors accounted for an additional 19%.   But now that the tax credit has expired, does that mean the end of the road for sellers?

Definitely not!  We’re still in the spring season, and there are still plenty of buyers out there.  Sellers need to price their home correctly, which means knowing the trend in your neighborhood.  Consider the advice I gave in this article “What’s My House Worth?”.  Sellers might also consider a pre-sale inspection so that they know what to expect in the negotiation of concessions (as I suggest in this article).  Finally, consider ALL offers.  Consider an offer the opening try by a buyer (who may be testing the waters “just to try” a low offer), and work with a potential buyer to come to an agreement.  ALWAYS make a counteroffer — you never know where it will go.


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