This Month in Real Estate: Foreclosures Down as Short Sales Become Viable Options

April stats for foreclosures are out, and they show a 2% decrease form April of 2009, possibly due to more sellers being aware of short sales as a viable option, and more buyers recognizing that short sales may pose a good buying opportunity.

Short sales are still long, frustrating processes for all parties involved, but if you are part of a program with a proven track record and professional negotiators, sellers can find themselves out from an incredible financial burden, and buyers can find themselves in a great home with a great interest rate mortgage.

If you’re a seller thinking a short sale may be a good option for you, contact us. We are Certified Home Rescue Institute agents, and able to counsel buyers with confidence–this program has a 95% success rate for closing short sales. There are important factors to consider, such as credit score, deficiency judgments, and tax implications. Work with an agent and a program who can counsel you on these topics. We only work with sellers who have been counseled on all of their options, including loan modifications, foreclosures, and bankruptcy, in addition to having been educated on the short sale process.


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