More Tips For Finding a Good Investment Property

I’ve previously written about how to identify target neighborhoods for buying an investment property.  Once you’ve done that, how do you find the actual property?

  • Short Sales & Foreclosures are a great opportunity because you can be patient. (See my post on the challenges of timing a foreclosure transaction here and the frustrations of shorts sales that never close here.) While an owner occupant doesn’t have the luxury of time and can get frustrated with all the problems of these transactions, investors can go with the flow since their timing is more flexible. And that flexibility pays off by getting properties for less money.
  • Consider the home’s condition and your level of expertise in doing or managing renovations. Many of the short sales and foreclosures on the market today come at bargain prices, but require everything from heavy cosmetic work to kitchen and bath remodels to mold remediation. Very few properties in the attractive price ranges are move-in ready, but there’s a lot of upside for people not afraid of elbow grease and with the right handyman connections.
  • Be patient. You may need to wait for the right house at the right price. Set up an alert so that you can be ready to jump on a property that meets your investment needs as soon as it comes on the market—you can be sure other investors are circling and waiting for the right opportunity as well!

Agents keep a close eye on the market and can help you identify a good opportunity.  Winter is an especially good time…there are fewer buyers out there, and sellers are generally more anxious.  Contact me if you want to discuss some good opportunities that are out there right now.


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