DC Open Doors Mortgage Loans Offering 100% Financing. Yes, Really!

A program developed by Housing Finance Agency for first time buyers, step up buyers and existing homeowners offers up to 100% financing to assist home buyers in purchasing a home in DC.

Program options

  • Conventional 97% financing with 3 down payment assistance
  • Conventional 97% financing
  • FHA 96.5% financing with 3.5 down payment assistance
  • FHA 96.5% financing

Program Guidelines

  • First time home buyers, step up buyers, and existing homeowners
  • Maximum borrow income of $123,395
  • A debt ratio not to exceed 45%
  • Down Payment Assistance Loans must be used with DC Open Doors Mortgage Loan
  • DC Open Doors can be layered with any of the District’s already established down payment programs (HPAP, EHAP, NEHAP)
  • All borrowers must purchase the subject property in DC, but do not have to be a resident at the time of writing the contract
  • No co-borrower allowed

This is a wonderful chance to speak with an expert regarding your possibilities. As always, contact us for more information or for an approved lender referral.


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