Home Staging Ideas to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Guest Blogger: Jane Blanchard of Modernize.com

When a family is planning to sell a home, they want it to look as good as possible. A properly staged house can help prospective buyers develop a better sense of what it would be like to live in a particular home. Home staging also helps buyers focus on the positive elements of a house by looking at it as a place where a family lives, rather than having to look at an empty space and see nothing but potential defects. With the help of a few clever home staging ideas, you can do a better job of getting your house ready for the market.

Hide Anything Personal


If your family is still living in a home, it’s important to remove any personal items from sight. While a buyer wants to be able to see a home as a warm and inviting place, there’s a thin line between seeing it as somewhere that a family could live and a place where your family does live. If no one is currently residing in a house that’s for sale, it’s still important to stick to the basics, rather than adding too many details to a staged location.

Neutralize All Paint Choices


Remember that time that you decided to let your kids paint their bedrooms bright colors? That paint job needs to be neutralized before you stage your home for sale. The color choice doesn’t have to be all-white in every room, which can be problematic in its own right. Light tans, browns and beiges can soften a room’s look while maintaining a certain level of intimacy. As with most home staging ideas, the goal is to present the place as a blank slate without making it appear too boring.

Maximize Curb Appeal


The exterior of a home needs some life in order to entice a buyer, and a few properly placed plants and some touch-up work on a house can generate big returns. When trying to enhance a home’s curb appeal, try to refrain from choices that might limit a buyer. For example, planting a large tree or shrub is a bad idea when you can simply place several plants in pots around the house. When in doubt, always lean toward enhancing curb appeal with items that can easily be removed. If a buyer wants those items badly enough, they can always pay you to leave them behind or find their own substitutes.

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