How to Sell for MORE Money!

If you are in the market to sell your home, do you wonder what you can do to sell for MORE money?! There are probably things you may already know that help improve the value of your home, but here are some other, less known tips!

1. De-Personalize!
This is the number one thing you can do to help improve how your home shows, and help your home sell for more money. Personal items can be distracting, and can limit buyers from seeing the great features about your home instead. Staging could also be an option to help you sell for more.

2. Neutral Colors
It may sound boring, and bland but neutrals colors are appealing to a larger spectrum of buyers. If buyers know they can move right in to a property without having to renovate or paint the whole house, this will help you sell for more money in the long run.

3. Choose a good agent
Working with a full time agent, who has experience is critical to selling for more money. Whether it comes down to house prep/staging, pricing, contingencies (inspection, appraisal, etc) contract negotiations, these are all critical areas where money can be made or lost very easily! Our agents work full time, and are versed on all these items to help maximize money in your pocket.

4. The RIGHT Updates
While updating your roof and HVAC are certainly important, buyers in our market are looking for different types of updates. We can help you identify what updates will increase your sales price, and ones that will not yield an appropriate return.

5. Timing
Knowing when to put your house on the market is VERY critical to selling for more money. The “selling market” is not limited to May-September, as many sellers may think. There are many options to consider: is your neighborhood driven by schools, is there too much inventory currently available, or are you underwater with your mortgage?

We understand that all sellers want to get the most out of their homes, and would love to chat with you about the specifics to your neighborhood! Please contact us today for information on how to sell for more money in less time!


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